Southerly Point Co‑operative Multi‑Academy Trust has one simple objective: to enable excellence together.

We are a group of 19 schools situated around Helston and the Lizard – the most southerly part of Cornwall. We are a Co-operative Multi-Academy Trust. We believe in working together so that everyone benefits. Our work is underpinned by the co-operative values:

Self-help – Self-responsibility – Equity – Equality – Democracy – Solidarity – Social responsibility – Openness – Honesty – Caring for others

These values inform everything that we do.

For the SPCMAT Modern Slavery Statement, please see Governance – Documents.

By working together as a Trust, we will enable every school to become outstanding through school to school challenge, support and development and the provision of excellent support services, allowing headteachers to focus on the main thing: our children. Each child in every school will always come first.